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1:19 Nov 2003Call for more submissions on walking access to land
2:19 Nov 2003Eradication of Pig Disease may not be Feasible
3:19 Nov 2003Pork industry moves to contain disease
4:19 Nov 2003Speech to Federated Farmers of New Zealand (Inc) National Council by Tom Lambie,
5:18 Nov 2003Speech to Federated Farmers National Council by Hon Chris Carter
6:18 Nov 2003Ireland sees New Zealand driving forward in farming
7:18 Nov 2003Overseas markets need urgent Government reassurance on GE release.
8:18 Nov 2003USDA Market News New Zealand Meat Export Summary and Prices
9:15 Nov 2003Outlook for beef very positive
10:15 Nov 2003Primary production a world leader
11:15 Nov 2003High Speed Internet Rolls into more Regions
12:15 Nov 2003USDA Market News - IMPORT BEEF TRADE
13:15 Nov 2003USDA Market News - New Zealand Meat Export Summary and Prices
14:13 Nov 2003Government Plans New Cash Grab
15:13 Nov 2003Dairy Insight Has Key Role In Industry's Future
16:13 Nov 2003Minister Bites Federated Farmers
17:13 Nov 2003More Broadband Choices For Rural New Zealanders
18:12 Nov 2003Federated Farmers in fantasy land over dogs
19:12 Nov 2003Reading Pastures from Space Features in Fonterra Project.
20:11 Nov 2003Northland Farmers Offered Better Option
21:11 Nov 2003Electricity from Cow Manure
22:10 Nov 2003Land Curbs Meddlesome
23:10 Nov 2003Clamp Down On Foreign Ownership Bizarre
24:10 Nov 2003GE witch hunts – by Lance Kennedy
25:08 Nov 2003Govt Must Listen To Rural Crime Concerns

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