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News Digest - News Letter No 003

Periodical newsletter bringing subscribers up to date with changes on the Farmnet site and items of interest that we feel require comment June - Addition of Farmer Articles and Export Prices Graphing. News on Farming in the wider community and the retailing of organic products.

News Digest - News Letter No 002

A Periodic newsletter bringing subscribers up to date on changes to the site and comment on news items of interest. May 24 - New home page containing short news items. The addition of facility to select prior week prices from the weekly Agrifax Export Market prices and the inclusion of a weather page. Comment on Milk pricing and wool industry inquiry

News Digest - News Letter No 001

The first newsletter bringing news and updates of the Farmnet site to subscribers to the news list May 8 - Introduction of plans and comments on Rural access to the Internet and possible statategies for getting round trade barriers

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